Awesome, Crazy, Relaxing, Loud

(By Aidan)


So far Vietnam is awesome, from the relaxing dinners/nights to the crazy, loud karaoke, I love it all. We have been observing classes so far and I think we will get either moved to another school or start with a class here on Monday. We have a meeting on Sunday to plan the week. I’m loving Vietnam and I can’t wait for what’s to come.


All the people here are so awesome, nice, and friendly to us. all in the same apartment we have Filipino, German, Hungarian, Vietnamese (duh), British, and Estonian people. It’s awesome hearing all their stories and all about their different cultures. The crazy thing is that we all come from all around the world, but in the end we’re all alike and the same in a lot of ways. I’ve decently made some good friends and I’m going to miss them when I leave.